With over 10 years counselling experience, my counselling approach is primarily Psychodynamic although I integrate elements of other theoretical approaches into the work when that is beneficial for clients. These include Psychodynamic theories, Personal Construct Psychology, CBT, Object Relations, Gestalt, Person Centred, Self Relations, Jungian Analysis, I.M.T. (Integrative Mindbody Therapy), E.R.T. (Embodied Relational Therapy) N.L.P. (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Stress management. This allows me to work with a broad range of techniques that I can draw on to offer a tailored approach to fit clients' individual needs and personalities.

I generally use a mixture of approaches with the same person, depending on the needs of the person. For example, I may use a ‘psychodynamic approach’ to help you understand how painful feelings in the present may have its roots in the past, but in order to help you change your feelings, I may then use a ‘CBT’, ‘N.L.P. or ‘hypnotherapy’ approach. The change in approach is unlikely to be obvious, as I may switch back and forth throughout a session

As well as offering an emotionally supportive atmosphere, I work with my clients to identify and understand patterns in their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This can involve making links between current experiences and also sometimes with the past. Some attention is also paid to looking at how unconscious thoughts and feelings may affect how you currently feel and how you relate to others. This presents us with an opportunity to work with, and bring about change and acceptance to the building blocks that made us who we are. I can help my clients to gain some idea of the history of their present day difficulties, and offer a way forward in terms of re-structuring or re-aligning their perception or view on life.

I also work with and through the body. As human beings we experience life through our minds and also our emotions, sensations and movements. Paying attention to our bodies experience can feel very challenging. Being aware of what our bodies are doing and feeling can also be invaluable to provide the safety and pacing in the counselling / therapy process. Our bodies give us the gift of bringing us into the present moment of our experience. Our bodies can feel alien, awkward, overwhelm us with emotions and get ill; they can also give us our strongest experiences of pleasure. I support a return into our bodies to find our centre within ourselves. I work with focusing and body awareness to listen to the subtle messages from our bodies.

My aim in my work is to offer emotional contact to my clients, to be present with them how ever they are feeling; to build a strong supportive relationship together. Probably the ways we have been most hurt in our lives is by other people. The relationship that develops between myself and my clients can be used to study and explore the other relationship in a clients life.

My work sometimes involves touch and other times not. I work in a respectful and supportive way; aiming to be sensitive to how challenging it is to explore ourselves.