Integrative Mindbody Therapy (I.M.T.)


I.M.T. is an integration and amalgamation of different approaches and disciplines to therapy and human development.


There are three main pillars on which this work is based:


A. Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic-Programming (N.L.P.) & N.L.P. Psychotherapy


B. Bodywork and Body-Psychotherapy


C. Psychotherapy (Humanistic, Psychodynamic, and Self-Relations)


I.M.T. places much importance and focus on the therapeutic relationship, together with an awareness that, within the therapeutic fields, all the patterns past and present will manifest. This presents us with an opportunity to work with, and bring about change and acceptance to the building blocks that made us who we are. It means that safety of boundaries, clear frame of work and a space of reality, authenticity and humanity are being created and encouraged.

Within this space, we are together working for you. I cannot fix you or change you and I will never know you more than you know yourself, but I am a curious and willing explorer, and I will walk with you into the unknown without shying away, and encourage both the light and shadow to be owned and shown.


Bodywork elements may include touch either to support and hold, to challenge or to structurally create more space and help you inhabit yourself more fully. These can include deep massage strokes. However, the main impact of bodywork and body-psychotherapy on I.M.T. is in the basic premise that the bodymind is an organic unit, and the physical, mental and psychological dynamics are all intertwined. Our organism strives for aliveness, integration, agility and expression  and we will work towards this.



Psychotherapeutic influences recognise that relationship is a basic human pattern, and we will work towards cultivating an honest and kind way of relating to yourself and others.


Other influences for the creating of I.M.T. include stress-management, Gestalt, Provocative Therapy, Systemic Therapy, Jungian Analysis, Storytelling