Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective branch of psychotherapy. Through simple techniques that can be learnt easily, it uses hypnosis for therapeutic change by accessing the subconscious mind during trance.


Trance is the basis for practicing the art of hypnosis. We enter trance frequently each day, for example, you may have been driving home when your conscious mind comes back into control and you realise you have arrived home with little recollection of how you got there. This is one example of the unconscious mind taking over to direct behaviour that would otherwise be conscious. Another example is when people comment of being ' in a daze' or ' day dreaming'. This is simply trance.


Trance is a normal, pleasurable and useful state. Although we go into trance every day, the difference between the examples above and the trance you experience with a therapist is that with the latter you are being safely guided into trance with a distinct beneficial purpose. Your unconscious mind opens itself to receiving positive information directly and uncritically from the therapist.


The subconscious is where many problems lie: it decides whether to put that cigarette or biscuit in your mouth before you are aware of making the decision. By communicating with your unconscious mind during hypnosis you can make changes you have wished for- and enjoy yourself.


During Hypnosis you will feel relaxed, comfortable and pleasantly light headed. This feeling can continue for a few days and you may notice how much more comfortable you are at work and socially. Whatever your experience, it will be good. Being in a trance can be described as similar to the feeling you get upon awaking and just before you drift off to sleep. It is a subtle, gentle feeling and you are always in control and aware. You can never be made to do anything against your will. You can open your eyes and stop the session whenever you wish.


Hypnosis is a wonderful and uplifting experience and offers many benefits. In conjunction with N.L.P. and I.M.T. it makes for a very powerful tool in instigating positive change.