Embodied Relational Therapy


This type of therapy gives great respect to the client's process- the client is in charge of what is going on. Although each session will vary, depending on the needs of each individual, I try to bring a sense of the client's own ability to trust themselves and their own strengths.


As embodied beings we have a natural instinct to reach out and grow towards life and light, and the human energy system works on the principle of a creative and unending flow of energy to unite mind/body/spirit. This model looks at how we have learnt to relate to ourselves, others and the environment and how we also manifest our history and relationships in our bodies. What the person experiences as a difficulty or problem is seen as a signal of emerging needs and an attempt to change. A symptom, in this sense, contains both the meaning and the direction of the process that is trying to unfold. I believe the therapeutic relationship is about creating the conditions of safety to follow this process and allow it to express itself - so it can be understood, integrated, completed, or changed. The exploration can develop through talking, movement, creative expression, or body work depending on what emerges and feels safe and appropriate at each stage. I also believe that expertise and wisdom lie within the individuals and within the field of which they are a part, although they may be more or less accessible. Trust in this and that we are innately resourceful is fundamental to the way I work. Bodywork explores amongst other things; gesture, posture, breath, internal body awareness, spontaneous movement, pains and illness.

I believe in the importance of going slowly. At times of change in our lives, it is often helpful to talk through problems with another person, and to gain support for those processes which we have begun.